Released in 2020

Hello is the first full length album from Mimic since 2013. It is the 9th album in the more than two decades that he has been dropping music and is the first entry in the “A Year of Music” project.

Released in 2013.

Deconstruction is a 3 disc album that contains 60 separate tracks, spanning almost 4 hours (it’s about 3 minutes shy). This album contains the darkest, most severely fucked songs, but also holds the light at the end of the tunnel. This album is my greatest achievement.


Released in 2011

The 7th album follows right behind The Mind of God (literally less than two weeks apart). The album features several notable songs, including Anomaly, a high-speed rocket that uses the third verse to apparently prove that I know a lot of words that rhyme the same while ass raping you in the face. Yes, it can do that. It also showed the rise of a demented persona and the end of the Paris war, while also bringing a new wave of depression and nightmare.

Released in 2011

The Mind of God is one that stands out among them due to its unwillingness to let up on the religious assault. The Mind of God has some of the darkest music I had written up to that point, while at the same time brings some of the greatest. This dual disc is packed with 27 tracks and contains a running theme throughout.

Released in 2010

Shadowing Monsters is an album made up of remixes and unreleased material. Remixes of Halo, Nobody’s Hero, Iconoclast, Sliver, and Thoughts of the Lost accompany newly released songs Goodbye Girl (the extreme evolution of the Paris War), Reverberate, and the trio of Untitled tracks.

Released in 2006

Age of the Sage followed the Era of Pain and continued chronicling the depression from lost love through songs such as No Saving Me and Final Thoughts. It also introduced the first Paris track with Bomb Paris. The album also saw an expansion of instrumental and lyrical style.