Sever the Head

They’ve told me if I can’t say something nice, than be quiet…fine
(what’s that?) sign language for “fuck off and die”
I’ve tried to keep my thoughts locked up inside but lost the fight
so I have come to strike the mic with might my mind has mastermind
I’ve mined this track with magnetite and dynamite
so those who hear it stick to it, say it’s the bomb like this was 99
it’s time you Get Smart, know when the beat starts
I will supply these cats with the best like I was Petsmart
I’ll cook these pop-tarts, with an art as red hot as Angie Everhart
and sink em like the Bismarck
bring a lawsuit to god because that last part
where earth ends in devastation infringes on my trademark
fuck the ballpark I’ll knock this from the globe’s schematics
grab two machetes go manic watch the whole damn planet panic
I’m problematic to rap, I’ve gone rogue
aiming at these jokes not worth the price of a free download

LOSTIt’s time I break out of my crysalis with crystal hits
you fired but your missiles missed and made the human pistol pissed
lyrics thick like Danielle Fishel’s lips and it’s official bitch
my words are born from hotness like Elizabeth Mitchell’s kid
…rid this world of me?, that’s unlikely
I’ll rise again inside your dreams when demons come revive me
you can’t outwrite me kid I’ll strike you only slightly
with results that look as if just got hit by loads of lightning
I’m igniting fighting functions found in failures facing fountains
full of issues found in their foundation towering like mountains
bound in flesh I am something unlike all you’ve witnessed
I’m a plague that’s killed a dozen copycats that bit this
my twisted rhythmics, ride the beat with ups and downs
like towns that dance around the shaky San Andreas ground
this world will drown again I’ll flood it with my mind
astound the future world my words are all that they will find

I’ve got the razor tongue, the moment that I spit you’re done
I’m vital to rap’s OS, I make all their programs run
zombies built to order, I’m surrounded by the worst
coerced to dumb down sound and chase the green like Ryan Hurst
while I disperse a universe of well versed verses well immersed
in words that reverse the billboard chart to pull them from the first
like Billy Burke, I’m surrounded by no talent jerks
while I remain a lyrical American Beauty like Thora Birch
I put in work to be the beast on beats like these
so fuck updating my sound, I would rather be obsolete
I’ll stay the freak and never morph like Mystique
to discreetly fit in with these weak wack world reknown emcees
who deceive you with their fraud flashy shit to camouflage
the fact that what they say is crap collected in a rhyme collage
with an entourage push the mirage
I sabotage them and reveal they don’t exist for real like the hair of Nicki Minaj