Released December 2020

Once again, I'm Name Dropping

Years ago I wrote a song called Name Dropping. The song references a large list of women, primarily models, scene girls, and porn stars. The idea for the song was to drop the “hottest” track ever made.

That track is still one of my favorites, and has some of my most notable lyrics. My favorite is probably this one:

What ever happened to spitting rhymes with skill behind the art?
now it’s all about the cash and I’m stacked as Calista Flockhart

While writing Torrent, which would eventually be named Malevolent Flow III, the idea popped in my head to do something similar to Name Dropping. However, I didn’t want to just rehash the same idea and list a new bunch of random hot Internet women and porn stars.

Since the song is more of an “attack the mic with a hammer and murder its face” kind of song, I instead went a different way. The lyrics that comprise the “name dropping” section all reference women who have been some of my favorites in action and horror films.

I May pull this apart like Angela Bettis
Just to do it better beheaded I’m headed toward obvious evidence

That Mic is going Haywire like Gina Corano
I’m stronger than those foes who rose to throw down when I flow to show

I’m not to be underestimated I’m armed with serrated
Weapons attacking to battle hard like Rose Salazar

An alien to rappers I will make you all believers
When I blast you bitches into space like I’m Sigourney Weaver

I should never be crossed, I am off
Leave you lost,
when I pause time and kick you in the head like Carrie Anne Moss

…You’ll take a damn loss I am coming mean
Mutated rage filled like Dafney Keen I’m keen to make you bleed

Leave the static I won’t have it but I have a habit
Built on practice of unlocking badass mode like I’m Noomi Rapace

This’ll be a classic in the end proving once again
That I’m the wrong name to hunt bitch like Betty Gilpin