Released March 2020

Notes From Dave

March was the third album in the A Year of Music series. It was written and recorded quicker than any of the other albums in the series, but it also has some of my favorite music from the series.

Many of the tracks were written in one sitting, but others like “Don’t Like Me”, took much longer.

Too Much?

Don’t Like Me took a while to write, primarily because of the second first. After writing the Piper Blush line, followed by “Too Much? No, not enough!” I decided to continue the rhyme scheme. This meant keeping the same syllable count, rhyme pattern, and similar rhyming words.

I started by writing out every word that would work with the rush/Blush/guts/butt/nuts words from the lines that started this. It was a pretty long list.

However, what ended up happening was the “punk chumps / pump junk / dump clumps” rhyme pattern. These words already have a close enough rhyme to each other, so it caused me to exhaust my word list much faster.

It took a while to write, then ended up being reconstructed and moved around multiple times before the final version was recorded. After the third verse, I had become very in tune with the beat so I fired out a fourth verse.

Introducing, Pump Bigly

Anyone who has ever thought about trading stocks has likely been hit with an ad on Youtube for penny stock traders. They show us jets, flashy cars, and claim to have turned a few dollars into billions. Now they want you to sign up for their stock alerts service to become a bazillionaire also.

Yeah, those guys are usually full of shit, and Pump Bigly is the worst of them all. After living in a Wendy’s chili cup on the side of the road, he managed to turn his life around through penny stocks and now drives a Ferrari inside a private jet on his yacht.

These are the kinds of guys who caught my attention when I first started trading stocks. Fortunately, I didn’t actually sign up with any of them. Instead, I found Joe.

Joe Stocks changed my life

I tried trading stocks on my own for a while and learned really fast why I shouldn’t. I lost a lot of money just buying things because people on StockTwits said it was a good idea. As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to not do that. Ever.

Eventually, I found a guy going by the name Joe Stocks. He was running a Discord group where he provided stock alerts for a small fee (about $15/month if I remember correctly). After a few months of everyone doing really badly, Joe realized that we were all dumb and needed to be taught the basics.

He started up a training service that was also extremely cheap, especially compared to the big names in this game. He taught us how to read charts and perform technical analysis. Instead of trying to read everything, he made us focus on one stock of our choice. We learned that stock and used a handful of indicators and movements to identify the trading direction and possible moves.

Thanks to Joe, I was able to turn things around. I’m not the world’s greatest stock trader, but it helped me pay my bills. It’s unfortunate that Joe is no longer with us, but the skills he taught will live with me forever.

And that’s why “Thanks Joe” had to be written.

The demons I fight

Hello started out this series of albums. It was an in your face, blasting out of the gates set of tracks