I’ve been reborn I’ve been rebuilt constructed from the broken hopes
and dreams that plagued me years ago with new ones mixed in so I go
on beating on this carcass of a horse until I see the truth
until the heavens speak to me for real I will continue through
deploying hell on instrumental music to appease me
in my heart I know the real while what they claim is just to tease me
how you treat me fuels the anger how these dicks who just know everything
tell my future make me want to rip their eyelids open bring
me face to face and tell me why I had to feel how I did
why not just give me the love they say you are instead of that shit
tell me why I have to have this fucked up sick anxiety
and listen to these judges say that the fucking devil is inside of me
(blasphemy!) how could I have this thought and speak it out
want to stone me grab a pebble where that mountain was among the crowd
the shroud of Dave’s endowed with what I once believed and lost
now I think for me and seek the answers to my holy cause
a holocaust of faith, I will never be the same again
god ignored me while a love destroyed me fuck and thank you Quin
you opened up my eyes and gave me light out of the dream
while concurrently birthing Mimic it also shattered me
the chattering I hear how these people say I’m hellbound
instead I want the supervisor with answers to expound
blanks inbound, nothing coming to me but the frauds
so I keep on moving forward searching for The Mind of God