She’s Not Gone/I Hate You

They say that I’ve obsessed about you longer than I should have and tried
to make me move beyond and slide into a time I can find
a peace at last inside the mind, in the heart but I can’t
recant the stand I made and slayed you in a terrible rant
they never taught me how to stop, how to quit what I feel
how to finish these emotions shatter proof like it’s steel
asking Jennifer Love Hewitt how the hell do I deal
I’m obsessed with you like teenagers are with Jessica Biel
every minute every hour every moment it seems
no matter what I do to leave you in the past and redeem
what little hope I’ll ever have at dropping feelings for you
why the fuck can I not get over this hell that’s been fused
in every thing that I do, every thought that I have
every moment that I’m happy, sad, joyous or mad
all I want is my release, but that’s not in the cards
you fucking bitch I wish you’d just let go of me and be gone

…..How can I move on
when you appear in the designs of every rhyme in my songs
some say I’m wrong to be reciting every word in this track
but how the hell can I escape it when you’re still on my back
it’s like I’m trapped upon a path, leading back to your face
and every feeling that I shed appears again to disgrace
make me feel like it’s a waste, trying hard to erase
each emotion that I’m feeling for you like I’m encased
inside a tomb a coffin box sarcophagus or a jail
each thought of you is like a pain that’s never witnessed in hell
I’ve tried to skip it and remove it thought I did but I didn’t
for a while you were hidden missing now you’ve arisen
returned to cause another dark moment now in my life
and make a plague of hate appear again you know that I’ll write
attempt again to let it slip away and know you’ll remain
you fucking whore just go away before you drive me insane

By the end they’ll have to listen to the start of this track
and play it back to see the path I led um on in this rap
and yet between the two of us you know it’s you who’s at the center
of this track and know it’s you I want to beat up and dismember
you know I’ll never find a way out we’ll always be together
you know I’ll never see a day without a cloud in my weather
feeling better isn’t part of my purpose in this world
so many say to let it go, forget this terrible girl
but how the hell do I do that when she’s each place that I glance
I’m going crazy seeing you on TV channels I pass
seeing you on magazines, in the faces of crews
of chicks who wear those owl glasses mimicking you
pushing back all of the rage until my heart tries to snap
you’ve found a way to get to me and cause these volatile raps
found a way to catch attention of myself by being you
and now I don’t have a clue, what the fuck I should I do
and by the finishing of this I’m still amazed at the fact
I haven’t mentioned who you are but it’s obvious that
you are the one I want to toss from windows like Father Karras
so here’s another song I dedicate to you Paris