From the album Deconstruction.

[Verse 1]

I have developed this, monster goliath holding a trident
defiant destroying these pliant plants posing as giants
compliant to bend at will never even trying to fight it
but they’ll hide it spit some garbage then convince you fucks to buy it
grab the mic it’s time to light it time to to kick a verse inside it
blast your mind into a dozen hunks than leak out through your sinus
fuck your Highness kid this jester will destroy the king and bring
a fleet of fast fantastic fluid flows that shock like Stephen King
rock the dopest thing you’ve ever heard and burn you to a crisp
I spit and kill off my depression like Watsky spits and kills his lisp
kid split or slip into a lost demented dark dimension dipped
in deadly thoughts drowning in rot, awful and hot
they saw me coming and foretold my calm arrival
but the prophets knew the truth, that I would soon be homicidal
quick to flip and grab the axe, the djinn is back and dropping heavy
storming in to reign I’ve thundered forth I hope you kids are ready

[Verse 2]
In this genre I’m surrounded by the worst around and bound in
by a set of rules that govern how to spit but I have found it
lacks the very thing that makes the music cook just spit a hook
with less than elementary vocabulary take a look
my girl looks like a bag of money are you serious
that shit’s ridiculous but dumb fucks say that bullshit is ingenious
this genie spits a viciousness these wack emcees will never touch
it’s like the the world is blind and watching porn and can’t see how they suck
…while here I sit dropping another track
that’s big, hot and impressive like Brandi Passante’s rack
I’m Dante’s wrath attacking cats who stand up in my path
with every syllable slugging you swiftly so do the math
nearly four hundred heavy hits to blast you in the face
every fan you have is rotten, they have horrible taste
where I’ve placed among this bullshit is clearly laughable
because for me to rank at any rate on any chart’s impossible
…I’d have a better chance locating Jimmy Hoffa
better chance surviving using cyanide as binaca
better chance becoming president
better chance pausing the present press reverse prevent a historical precedent
better hope of banging Winona Ryder and Summer Glau
Jennifer Connelly Denise Milani oh no don’t stop now
better chance getting in the pants of Portia De Rossi
while Ellen sneaks up from behind slowly and starts to grope me
better luck getting my cock sucked
by Amy Winehouse with Emily Browning frowning pissed saying she’s next for me to fuck
enough, the point is no matter what the skilled remain restrained
from being boosted by the bureaucrats who base the best on gains
made financially commissions caught by names who’ve got the talent
of a dozen William Hung’s so it’s time I show my talons
bleed these bitches by the gallon, leave them fucked
harder than I would do to a horny and willing drunk naked Joan Allen
hear pounding at the gates bitch it’s Dave I’m here to stay
here to slay with massive mallets made by madmen in the fray
dumping doper shit than prison mules with monstrous tracks
the monster is back with mad monstrosity raps