From the album Deconstruction.

[Verse 1]

It’s time that I rock to a beat to state
the very thing we’re all thinking and been afraid to say
I hate that it’s come to this but let’s try
something new to defuse Hollywood and fight
sick and tired every time I see film’s released
I find it’s just another flick I’ve seen
fuck making sequels they’d rather just reboot
nothing wrong with the first but they’ll still reshoot
this shit doesn’t make sense but they do it anyway
lazy mother fuckers can’t write so they duplicate
think it’s gonna do the same high numbers as before
when it doesn’t they blame piracy they love to ignore
the real truth to the matter, they won’t face facts
still I think it’s time we say it point blank at last
and maybe once they will get it, so listen you fucks
stop making remakes because your remakes suck


Fuck remakes fuck reboots just write new flicks
new shit do this right now before we lose it
quit jacking flicks from overseas and think
make something worth watching I haven’t already seen

[Verse 2]

Hollywood listen up you mother fuckers need to work
stop beating off you cock bag piece of shit jerks
just write something new something really dope kid
instead of taking what you wrote before and turning it to shit
you built a new cast, and filled it full of hot chicks
doesn’t mean a damn thing besides it having no tits
maybe why these days there’s less T/A
cutting story to replace it with a CG display
while you’re sitting back counting cash not what you’d expect
think about it for a moment take a look and inspect
you took great movie plot with a crew that was dope
cut the story into shit, it never even had a hope
so you put a new girl in the center limelight
nice rack so we’d stare, never saw it one time
final bullet use computer generated bullshit
to look real but it didn’t bitch you sacrificed a classic

[Verse 3]

You wanna re-boot some-thing, then reboot yourselves
this is an intervention Hollywood you really need help
with every remake you tell the prior cast and the crew
that they were not good enough so you call a redo
fuck you Spider Man was sick, Kevin Bacon
made Footloose a classic with a kick
Total Recall Total killer and I can not skip
Kurt Russell he’s the only Snake Pliskin bitch!
now you’re messing with my squad so I’m coming at you hard
we can fight it out in Scary German Guy’s front yard
you must be wolfman because you’ve got nards
messing with my top favorite, dynamite you to shards
and these days what I’m seeing gets me pulling your collar
massive budget but fuck it I wouldn’t buy it for a dollar
but what can I say I guess I have to suck it up
while they remake Oldboy and no doubt fuck it up