The Blind Hate the Lovely

She has a great job, well paid and well known
good friends great family she’s from a good home
but it doesn’t matter to some, how funny she is
they’ve made up their mind, and that’s it but that’s shit
rumor after rumor fly, bouncing between
a hot girl can’t be a respected human being
she must be a bitch a cheap whore who fucks
every cock she gets near just another dumb slut
and the bigger the tits the more hate she gets
because she’s fit so it doesn’t fit for people this
..I’ve seen it time after time yet again
the gossip without logic is the garbage that you love spin
dissed because she’s hot you’re not and you’re pissed
so fits of this slip through the lips that talk shit
but the facts remain the same beyond the frame
is a funny chick who’s better than you and all your disdain
maybe if you took your fucking eyes off her chest
than you could see there’s more there that you could really respect
“no that’s not possible” why “she’s a whore”
because? “her tits are too big, she can’t fit through the door”
and that’s her fault how? “they’re fake” no “yes” shit
“a respectable woman would never be that big“
“she doesn’t have a brain and the money that she spent
on her tits came from the very Johns that she represents
every funny thing she ever said is probably ripped
from another source” why? because she has big tits
“of course, finally you get it, now you understand”
you’re a crab who can’t stand large mammary glands?
a whinny bitch pissed at chicks whose tits could shift the continental drift
physically she’s developmentally advanced and all your logic has missed

“fuck you, you don’t know a thing she’s a slut”
right “I bet every guy she ever met is one she sucked”
sure “you’re a dumbass Dave, they’re fake as fuck”
than why do they bounce and move the right way? “shut up”
besides being big what have you got? not a damn thing
just another bunch of shit you stupid mothers fuckers bring
she’s stacked so she’s a whore and thin (stay away from her kids)
and pretty and funny (shut up) why she is
and it’s making you pissed flying off the fucking handle
burning up inside like the wick on a candle (20)
somehow she’s just shit unworthy or what’d you say?
a slut or a whore? branded with a Scarlett A
all because the girls hot so you slam her and assume
a bunch of crap about her that just isn’t true and drop slew
of innuendos without merit, and little did you know
she’s pretty smart a funny fucker and I know it doesn’t show
on the top of her chest which if you would’ve skipped than you
would have noticed she’s pretty cool and you’re the fake boob