Mimiclives.com Reloaded

It’s been a while since anything was done with the site. The last update was around the time Deconstruction came out. That 5 years ago. It’s time to reboot things.

The site is launching just ahead of the release of Colossus Kills, the first album to drop since Deconstruction. Unlike Deconstruction, this is a single disc album rather than a library of music. Some of it has been posted to Reverbnation and SoundCloud over the past year or so but most of it has not. Also, a few tracks have been remixed since the album snippet was posted almost a year ago.

The albums section of the site has also been heavily updated. I’ve rewritten a lot of the notes, including more information and each album can be streamed right off of the site. You can still download each album, but this gives you the ability to play tracks individually if you want.